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Apply for A Loan

You must be a member of Wawa Employees' Credit Union to apply for a loan.

It is easy to apply for a loan with our credit union. Just complete a Loan Request Form and mail or fax it to us at 610-358-8289.  Or give us a call at (610)358-8030. We will ask you a few questions. It just takes a couple of minutes.  We will review your request and normally can give you an answer the next business day


Membership in Wawa Employees' Credit Union is open to every Wawa Inc. associate. Membership is also open to the immediate family members of Wawa Employees' Credit Union members. To join complete the membership application and mail or fax it to the Credit Union at 610-358-8289.


Effective May 1, 2018

A $4.00 fee will be charged for a Cashier's Check.