Enterprise Used Car Sales

Did you know that Enterprise has great deals on used cars! Best of all you can finance your car with Wawa Employee's Credit Union.  We have been partnered with Enterprise Car Sales for many years and have not received any complaints.  Both the Credit Union Manager and Loan Manager have purchased their personal vehicles for Enterprise.  Feel free to ask either of them about their experiences.  (There were no special discounts or incentives for their purchases.)

  • Enterprise has a 7-day repurchase agreement. If you change your mind they will buy back the car, no questions asked.  You pay an amount equivalent to a rental. 
  • All Enterprise used cars come with a 12 month, 12,000 mile warranty.
  • You can trade-in your old vehicle. 
  • Only a small number of Enterprise’s used cars come from their rental fleet.  The others are purchased for resale in the same manner as other used car dealers.

Browse the Enterprise inventory online

For More Information contact these dealers:

Philadelphia Airport Area, Lester, PA

Ask for Dennis Bromley 610-521-3501

Other locations include:

Conshohocken, PA 610-825-8184

Newark, DE            302-737-8096

 Pennsauken, NJ       856-910-7920

 Philadelphia, PA       215-673-6565

 Vineland, NJ             856-405-0914

  Warrington, PA        215-675-1542

Tell them you were referred by your Credit Union! 


Testimonial from Wawa Employees' Credit Union Manager

I was pre-approved for a loan with the Credit Union and had a good idea what vehicle I wanted.  I did a little research and saw the vehicle and price available with Enterprise; I looked up the value of my trade in on Kelly Blue Book.  With that information in hand, I visited a car dealership to see if they could make a better offer.  It was aggravating and a waste of time.  My next stop was Enterprise.  In about an hour, I had test driven the car, made the deal and drove off the lot in my new-to-me vehicle. - Marie Hittinger