Fee Schedule



Account Close within 6 month of opening




ATM Card / Master Card Debit Card


ATM Machine - Cash Withdraws, Inquiries and Transfers


Star machine - First 4 per month free then


Plus or Honor machine

$2.00 every transaction

Purchases Pin or Signature


Replacement Card




Address Notification from Post Office


Bad Address Fee

$10.00 per month

Cashier's Check Fee $4.00 per check

Certificate of Deposit Early Withdraw

3% of amount withdrawn



Checking Accounts


Stop payment

$10.00 per item

Stop payment check series

$20.00 per series

Manual clear

$5.00 per item


$7.00 each



Dormant Account


 No Activity for 12 months

$5.00 per month



Fax fee

$10.00 plus $1 per page

History Prints

$3.00 per month



IRA (Individual Retirement Account)


Enrollment (One Time Fee)


Annual Fee

$25.00 per year

Early withdraw penalty

3% of amount withdrawn



Non-Sufficient Funds /Courtesy Pay


Checks / ACH debit

$30.00 each item

Returned deposit check

$20.00 each item

Return deposit – redeposit check

$20.00 each item



Online Banking

No Fee

Mobile Deposit

$0.85 per deposit

Reg D Transfer Fee (after six overdrafts from savings to checking)


$5.00 per transfer

Statement Copies

$10.00 each

Under Par (Required $5.00 minimum balance)

Up to $4.99 & close acct

Incoming Wire Fee

Outgoing Wire Fee

$10.00 each

$25.00 each