Fee Schedule



Account Close within 6 month of opening




ATM Card / Master Card Debit Card


ATM Machine - Cash Withdraws, Inquiries and Transfers


Star machine - First 4 per month free then


Plus or Honor machine

$2.00 every transaction

Purchases Pin or Signature


Replacement Card




Address Notification from Post Office


Bad Address Fee

$10.00 per month

Cashier's Check Fee $4.00 per check

Certificate of Deposit Early Withdraw

3% of amount withdrawn



Checking Accounts


Stop payment

$10.00 per item

Stop payment check series

$20.00 per series

Manual clear

$5.00 per item


$7.00 each



Dormant Account


 No Activity for 12 months

$5.00 per month



Fax fee

$10.00 plus $1 per page

History Prints

$3.00 per month



IRA (Individual Retirement Account)


Enrollment (One Time Fee)


Annual Fee

$25.00 per year

Early withdraw penalty

3% of amount withdrawn



Non-Sufficient Funds /Courtesy Pay


Checks / ACH debit

$30.00 each item

Returned deposit check

$20.00 each item

Return deposit – redeposit check

$20.00 each item



Online Banking

No Fee

Mobile Deposit

$0.85 per deposit

Reg D Transfer Fee (after six overdrafts from savings to checking)


$5.00 per transfer

Statement Copies

$10.00 each

Under Par (Required $5.00 minimum balance)

Up to $4.99 & close acct

Incoming Wire Fee

Outgoing Wire Fee

$10.00 each

$25.00 each



Wawa Emp Credit Union will be closed, Monday, January 20th, 2020

in observance of MARTIN LUTHER KING JR Day

You can access your account via online and mobile banking.

If you need to report a lost or stolen Debit or ATM Card, please call 800-528-2273.