MasterCard / STAR ATM Card

The MasterCard debit card or STAR ATM card offers you convenient access to your funds 24 hours a day.

To apply for a MasterCard Debit card or STAR ATM card go to the documents section of the website, print the application and mail or fax it to the credit union. 

The STAR / MasterCard program allows

  • Deposits (Checking and Savings Accounts)
  • Withdraws (Checking and Savings Accounts)
  • Transfers (Checking and Savings Accounts)
  • Purchases (Checking only)
  • Returns of Purchases made with the STAR/MasterCard card.

All Purchases come from your checking account.

Daily default daily limits for MasterCard Debit & STAR ATM Card

  • Cash Withdraws $600.00
  • Purchases using your PIN (Debit) $500.00.
  • Purchases using your Signature (Credit) $500.00 (MasterCard Debit Card Only).

Individual limits can be changed. Speak to a member services representative about your limit.  

Fees- We reserve the right to change our fee schedule from time to time.

  • First 4 in-network transactions per month are free.
  • A fee of $1.25 will be charged for each additional in-network transaction per month.
  • A $2.00 fee is charged for every transaction at a PLUS or HONOR terminal. (Out-of-Network)
  • A transaction is defined as a withdraw, inquiry, transfer or deposit.
  • There is no fee when the card is used for purchases (Debit or Credit).

The following are important precautions to safeguard your account access.

  • Protect your PIN. Keep it a secret. No one, not even a Wawa Credit Union Employee has the authority to ask you for your PIN number.
  • Never lend your STAR/ MasterCard to anybody.
  • Never give information about your account, your STAR card or your PIN to strangers or to people who call you on the phone.

Notify us IMMEDIATELY if your card is lost or stolen. During regular business hours contact the Credit Union at 610-358-8030. Evenings, nights, weekends and holidays contact STAR/MasterCard Service center at 1-800-528-2273.