Online Banking

Online Banking gives you the convenience of viewing your account information online live at no cost to you!

You are able to

  • view up to 6 months of history
  • view images of the checks you have written by simply clicking on the check number
  • sort by check number
  • sort by description
  • transfer money within your Credit Union accounts
  • request check withdraws

Sign up - To sign up simply go to the Online Banking Box on the left hand side of the page and click on New User.  You select a user name, answers several basic information questions and enter your email address.  The answers to the information questions must match the information on file at the Credit Union. If you have problems setting up the account, call the credit union and speak to a member services representative to verify or update the information we have on file.

Password Reset - If you have lost or forgotten your Online Banking password, simply go to the Online Banking Box and click on Forgot Password. Follow the prompts and a temporary password will be sent to the email you have on file with the Credit Union.

E-Statements - Sign in to Online Banking and click on the Statements Tab, if you have not already signed up for E-Statements, a prompt to sign up will appear.  All future statements will be E-Statements. You may opt-out of E-Statements at any time by going to the bottom of the Statements Page and selecting Click here to opt-out of E-Statements.

Secure Email – Securely email the credit union through online banking. Select the Messages tab to compose a read emails.  Emails will be read and responses sent during regular Credit Union business hours. 

Special Privileges - Set up an Online Banking Link to another member’s accounts. For example: this is a useful way to fund a college student’s account and is available 24 - 7. Complete the Transfer Agreement, sign and return it to the Credit Union.  We do require both the sending and receiving members to sign the agreement as the sender of the funds will see the balance in the receiver’s account.  Feel free to call the Credit Union to discuss this option.