Vehicle Loans

Vehicle Defined: Car, Truck, Motorcycle and Motor Homes - registered and licensed with the department of motor vehicle as a motor vehicle for highway use.

We offer financing up to 100% of the purchase price including tax, tags, and warranty with approved credit. See the Loan Rates Page for current rates

New Vehicle Definition: vehicles not previously titled as well as a demo vehicle with less than 10,000 miles purchased from a dealer. Refinance Loans for vehicles purchased new within the past 6 months will be priced at the new vehicle rate.  

Length of Loan: 72 months is our maximum loan term for a new vehicle; 60 months is our maximum loan term for used vehicles.  Financing for older vehicles may be offered for a shorter period of time.

Age of Vehicle - We will finance used vehicles up to seven years old. We realize the value of a used vehicle is often determined by the condition, mileage, and manufacturer of the vehicle

Classic Vehicle - The vehicle’s value will be determined by using one of the industry accepted classic or vintage car guides.  In addition, we may require an inspection or appraisal of the vehicle.

Refinance - You can “refinance” your vehicle loan.  You may be able to lower your interest rate and payment by refinancing your vehicle loan with the credit union. 

  • How it works - We review the facts and let you know what (or if) you will save. You complete and sign paperwork then we pay-off the other lender with the funds from your new loan at the credit union.
  • We will inform you of the cost your state charges for recording the new lien on your title.  You can fund the cost directly from your account or it may be added to your loan.
  • We do look at the loan request and value of the vehicle.  If the loan balance is higher than the value of the vehicle, we will let you know your options. 

**All Loans are Subject to Credit Approval**

Click for a preliminary application or go to the documents page and click on Loan – Preliminary Request / Pre-approval Form.