About Us



Our credit union is a full service financial institution. We offer many of the same products as your local bank. But With A DIFFERENCE. The biggest difference is the fact that YOU OWN the credit union. A credit union is a non-profit financial institution run by a board of directors elected by YOU the members. Surveys show credit union members feel they receive better services at their credit union than a bank and pay fewer, lower fees than to a bank. Credit union membership can be a lifetime relationship. Change of employment does not mean you will need to end your relationship with the credit union. Once a member always a member.


Charter Date

The Credit Union has been serving members since November 30, 1976 when Wawa Employees' Credit Union Charter was granted by Pennsylvania State Banking Commission


Independent from Wawa Inc.

Wawa Employees’ Credit Union is a non-profit cooperative financial institution and is independent from Wawa Inc. Our income comes only from the activities of the credit union. That income is used to support the services we provide to meet your financial needs and pay the salaries of the credit union staff.  Please remember we are NOT a department or division of Wawa Inc.